Install a Pool

Why Winter is the Perfect Time to Install a Pool

As the weather is getting colder and you are spending more time indoors with a warm drink in your hand, your mind is probably far from thoughts of backyard barbecues and splashing around in a cool swimming pool. While installing a pool in your yard might not be at the top of your priorities right now, winter is a wonderful time to install the pool you have always imagined having. If you start planning for your summer fun in the sun now, by the time the heat rolls around you can be lounging on a float eating a fresh-cut slice of watermelon. Below are some benefits to consider.


One of the biggest advantages of installing a pool during the winter months is that you can expect lower building costs without compromising the quality of work. Because there is less demand, it is very common to see pool installation contractors be willing to negotiate more competitive rates. Spring tends to be the busiest time of the year for pool installation projects, but contractors need to work year-round. If you are looking to stock up on pool essentials such as pool heaters, pool shock, and skimmers, it’s common to see major markdowns happening starting in the fall in preparation for the winter weather. With the cost of goods climbing every year, you will typically find higher prices once a new year rolls around.

Project Time

Because contractors have less project demands throughout the winter season, they can more easily get the installation resources needed without delay. This means that your project timeline won’t be delayed and take longer than necessary. We all tend to spend less time outside in the yard during the colder months, so having a pool installed won’t disrupt your family’s outdoor time as much as an installation in the warmer months would.

Easier Scheduling

Because contractors have fewer projects and installations are moved along faster without delays, scheduling your pool installation is much easier in the winter months compared to spring or summer. That means you have far more control in the process timeline.

Yard Recovery

It’s no secret that pool construction can temporarily disrupt your yard, even if it does ultimately improve it in the long term. Winter pool installations mean your landscaping will have time to recover by spring and summer. Giving your grass time to recover and your plants a season to grow will really bring your outdoor area together once your pool is complete.

Deciding to install a pool in your yard is a big decision. That’s why you should rely on a smaller, more intimate company focusing on residential landscape installations and management. At Grassroots, we have been serving the Bryan-College Station area for nearly 10 years. If you have been envisioning a pool in your yard and are wondering if a winter installation is the right choice, we are happy to meet with you to discuss your vision for the project and provide our professional recommendations. Contact us today for more information and to request a quote.